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The Wanderers
Pausing to Ponder

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Sharon Lennox


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Sharon Lennox:

  My work captures the beauty around us that exists in nature.

  The challenging task of gathering quality reference photos allows me to observe the birds and wildlife I am photographing and that allows me to study the subjects personality, expressions and uniqueness, then capturing that special moment on canvas or panel.

  Scratchboard is now the medium of choice for me. I can achieve the intricate detail I desire, along with anatomical accuracy and dramatic lighting, I want the viewer to appreciate the life, beauty and character of the subject I am portraying. From inches away or across the room I want my painting to have the feeling of being alive and begging to be touched!

  I am an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, display work at Originals Only,Pearl Ellis Gallery and take part in the Central Island Studio Tour. 2016 I won a major award for "Perched Barn Owl", and in 2017 I was honoured to win another major award for "Who's watching who?" both scratchboards, at the Sidney Fine Art Show.

  In 2016, I earned my SSA (Signature Scratchboard Artist) with the International Society of Scratchboard Artists.


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